Annabelle Lorest

A handsome middle-aged human woman with stern gray eyes and flawless clothing.


The queen’s own sister, Annabelle is the reigning Duchess of the Duchy Lorestmarch. Since coming to the Four Corners as a refugee from the realm known as Palladium, Annabelle has built up a thriving rural duchy to the south of the city by right of blood and the king’s patent. She’s been widowed twice over since fleeing to her brother-in-law’s plane and some whisper that the deaths of the two men she wed since then, both of whom had been hearty and healthy on their wedding nights, might be the result of foul play. Wiser people simply call it bad luck.

Her only child, Francis, recently insisted on joining the Royal Guard. King Cheqrosk assured his sister-by-law that the future duke would not be put in harm’s way. It’s well known that the young man is only an honorary soldier and will never be sent into serious combat.

Annabelle Lorest

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