Cheqrosk Apalnick

King of the Four Corners, Master of Air and Water.


By the Grace of the Four Elements Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, the King-Reagent is none other than Cheqrosk the First of House Apalnick, Grand Duke of Duchy Apalnick, Knight-Captain of the Great Seas, Head Master of the Elements Air and Water, Knight-Master of the Order Air, Knight-Master of the Order Water, and Eternal Captain of Her Majesty’s Ship Palladium.

It is said that the King created the Four Corners with a wish that the elements Air and Water blessed with a sigh. Having done so they imbued his creation with more power than anyone could have imagined. Since then the Four Corners has been a plane of its own connected to every other plane that touches the Eternal Ocean.

Cheqrosk remains a dashing figure in his early forties. His dark hair and goatee have not a gray strand amongst its threads. While his studded leather armor doesn’t fit quite as well as it once did in his youth, Cheqrosk is far from out of shape.

The human man came from humble beginnings, a fact much belied by the extravagance of his current clothing. His father was a shipwright who could barely feed his small family. Cheqrosk was raised in a coastal town on a world known as Palladium. When he grew to adulthood he forsook his father’s trade and sought adventure beyond the sea, taking his brother and several of his friends with him to seek out their own fortune.


Cheqrosk Apalnick

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