Dunbee No-Hair

An elderly, almost human looking half-orc, Dunbee runs one of the more popular "working class" taverns in the Four Corners.


With reddish hair and ample mutton-chops, this half-orc could almost pass as a human were it not for his chipped tusks protruding from his mouth. While his establishment might be bare-bones in decor, Dunbee usually dresses in fine clothing and takes great care in his own personal appearance.


Dunbee is an almost human looking half-orc who, in his youth, helped sail the HMS Palladium into the Hells under the command of the king himself, Cheqrosk Apalnick. He doesn’t often speak of those days anymore. The aging half-orc with grayish skin and chipped teeth would rather talk about the various football teams that dominate Four Corners sports. He’s also keen on listening to one’s problems. That skill, the ability to listen without judging, is why he’s such a good bartender.

Bees is one of many taverns located in the vicinity of the Crossroads Tavern but it has the distinction of being the oldest. Although small, Dunbee’s little bar has very loyal customers. Almost everybody there is known on a first name basis by everybody else who frequents the place. It doesn’t hurt that the drinks are cheap either.

IMPORTANT: Your character knows Dunbee. Not only that, Bees is your favorite place to get a drink, eat a cheap but warm meal, or gripe about whatever is currently bothering you to its proprietor. Whether you go there often because of the cheap prices or because you genuinely enjoy the company, Bees is your watering hole.

Dunbee No-Hair

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