Jentay Strong

This golden-skinned elf is beautiful, egaging, yet somehow deeply mysterious...


Jentay is obviously an elf but her exact lineage is the topic of much debate. She’s managed to make herself somewhat of a socialite within the underclass of Four Corners society, frequenting squalid bars and illegal Drow Festivals while shunning any “proper” event a person of her obvious wealth and pedigree would usually embrace.

Her golden skin seems pale to those who hope she’s not drow-of-blood; to those with such prejudice they see her skin as almost ebony in color. No matter the prejudices, though, her long black hair and wide, almond shaped eyes lend her a unique beauty that nobody can dispute.


It’s said that Jentay helped lay the first planks making up the Crosswork Road back when The Crossroads Tavern was the only structure in the Four Corners. Others will definitively claim that she was once Prince Xeen’s lover and that her love for him, and desire to remain close to him, is why she helped build up the town after it was founded. In the end nobody really knows why Jentay makes the Four Corners her home. All agree that it is her home, however.

The elf is as rich as she is beautiful and yet she scoffs at royal events and turns down invitations to the lavish parties of nobles. Instead she traverses the Brogheim District almost exclusively, dancing with underpaid sailors and gossiping with nearly destitute seamstresses. It’s well known she has a penchant for orcish culture and can often be found in various orc establishments, including the Bees. She is a close friend of Dunbee No-Hair, for example, and she has been known to speak vocally in favor of expanded rights for the Orchish Tribes in the West.

IMPORTANT: Your character knows Jentay. You’ve at least met. How well you know her is up to you.

Jentay Strong

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