Renstein Laggermyr

Wolfen Duke of Lorestmarsh.


A large and proud old Wolfen, Renstein remains vigorous even in his old age.

At the instance of his sister-by-law Cheqrosk made the wolfen known as Renstein a duke upon his arrival at the Four Corners. Having never much trusted the wolfen race, the King demanded that Renstein swear his fealty before granting him his royal patent. Once the proud wolfish man bent the knee, forever forsaking his ties to his home-world, the king officially made him royalty. He also put Annabelle on notice that Renstein was now her problem.

Not much is known about the gray-haired wolf, only that he rarely appears at court and that his title of “duke” is more honorary than anything else. His small woods that reside within the Duchy of Lorestmarch are populated entirely by the half-men, half-wolf creatures known as “wolfens”. Whenever the duke travels to the city it’s usually to secure the passage of more refugees from his home-world to their new home. Under his leadership the wolfens thrive in their little forest and mostly keep to themselves.

It’s common knowledge that he and the Grand Duchess, Annabelle, remain the truest of friends. A popular puppet-show titled “Whiskers and Pinky” has forever engraved those nicknames for the Duke and Grand Duchess in the minds of the commoners of the Four Corners.

Renstein Laggermyr

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