Thurrin Golbag

A finely dressed dwarf with a braided beard, Lord Viscount Thurrin Golbag is fearsome to behold.


Lord Golbag is forever practical in choice of dress, but his vanity is apparent in the stylish silks and cuts of cloth he adorns his stocky body with. What most people notice first about him, however, is the fact that his well-polished boots never seem to touch the ground. Indeed, he seems to almost float just above any surface he nears.


Many people who come to the Four Corners seek employment. Tired of war, disease, and poverty they come to the supposed New World looking for relief. A new start. More often than not such wayward souls are pointed in the direction of the Red Wolf Lodge. Why? Because its owner only ever has one question to any would-be employees:

“Are ya greedy, lad?”

When the answer is no, Thurin sends the applicant away. But when the answer is yes the dwarf grins, strokes his braided beard, and says, “Then I got a job for ya.”

While not technically royalty, Thurin remains the richest person in the Four Corners and his mercenary army, The Brotherhood of the Red Wolf, is so massive that the king himself has hired them on more than one occasion. As a result the old dwarf enjoys the king’s ear, a privilege few can claim.

Thurrin Golbag

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